Programs: Like some people among you I purchased some time ago the K8000 computer interface card, but not everyone still has the Visual Basic 4 environment or not everyone can simply write an application for external interface cards, I also had to understand this programming language first, so I started to build an application in Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. Later I encountered some problems when testing and debugging the application and since I previously worked with ActionScript, Visual C # was a more understandable language, so I rewrote this demo version in Visual C# 2005. Some time ago Visual C # 2010 appeared and meanwhile the application has been updated to the newer version with a new application: the program assistant, which is a program that will help you to understand the programming language and which even generate the necessary application code, but still you have to paste manualy this generated code into your own application. You can download the application for free and you can rebuild it according to your needs. You can also download the assistant from here. If you have any questions, you can always contact me. Good luck!. K8000 computer interface card: K8061 USB interface card: K8000 C# versions K8061 demo C# K8000 Demo C# K8000 assistant K8061 demo C# version 2015 K8000 C# version 2010 K8000 assistent version C# 2015 K8000 C# demo version 2015 multi card K8000 C# demo version 2015