About me: About orchids

Since I did not know much about these nevertheless particular plants, I went sometimes to growers and exhibitions. When someone starts to cultivate orchids, before we can start we have to choose which climate we obtain, for example: orchids for the cold and/or moderate greenhouse or types for the moderate and/or warm greenhouse, or you can also choose for hardy orchids. Like most people when you start growing orchids you always find new orchids you like, however you don't have too much place left. Since I didn't have enough time left to check all plants separately I opted for a micro processed automatization to regulate the cooling and ventilation as well as heating and watering, but when you search for some tools like these, you will be surprised about the price. I found a good solution within the kits of Velleman. The tool I used instead was the K6000 microprocessor, unfortunately you can not buy it anymore. Another tool which we can use instead of the K6000 is the K8000 interface card, but since not everyone have the experiance with writing Visual Basic programs, I had to lurn more about this programing language. Later I have experienced that this card did not work with my computer and because the company software was not renewed I had been obliged to write a remake which could work, however, this version is written in the more easier language C#. You can download this demo-version for free and you can rewrite the program according to your needs. If you have some questions about the program or you don't know how to create a version to your needs, you can always contact me by sending an e-mail to: vanderpoortenrudy@hotmail.com With kind regards,